Monday, April 15, 2013

Light up your Life with a Creative Spark

You know something has happened when you wake up at 3.30am and instead of feeling exhausted or filled with dread and anxiety, you feel inspired and want to get up and be creative.

That's what happened to me the other night.

I had spent the previous day having the time of my life learning to use a chalk paint my daughter had told me about.  Annie Sloan paint comes with a health warning - it is seriously addictive. You can use it on anything and in so many different ways, you suddenly see the world differently....and want to cover it all with paint!  My mind was buzzing after the course and when I woke up in the early hours I felt so inspired I just padded downstairs and started painting a battered old tea tray!

 Since last week I have not stopped.  I cleared part of the garage that was a dumping ground for the kids' rubbish stuff, got myself some plastic sheeting and set to.  At one point I had 5 different pieces on the go as I wanted to continue painting whilst something was drying.  It is so much fun and, rather like the sewing course I did earlier this year, it has filled me with inspiration (not to mention revamped some tired old pieces of furniture!)

The neurons that fire, wire.
Research on the brain has shown that learning new skills fires up new brain cells (neurons) which then start to build new neural pathways.  Our brain will continue to grow and evolve if we keep it stimulated - and the same is true for us and our relationships.

Creative energy is your Life Force, its the thing that makes you uniquely you and is one of the 5 vital ingredients for happy relationships.  When you find an outlet for self-expression it floods the brain with good feelings - and you bring that energy back into your relationships.

If you feel stuck, stifled or just pain bored - give yourself a treat and try something new just for the fun of it.  Not only will the change of habit shake things up a bit, your brain cells will wake up and start firing new feel good messages.  Life starts to look very different, your sparkle and enthusiasm becomes infectious - inspiring others to go out and rediscover their hidden talents.

I did my course at Ivory and Pitch in Hampshire - they were lovely and there was a delicious lunch too!  There are many courses around the country - go on, try it!  I'd love to know how you get on.

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Katie Griffiths said...

Inspiring! Can't wait to get started x