Monday, April 8, 2013

It's not Rock Science!

 The problem with feeling stuck is that the more you resist it, the more stuck you feel.  And if feeling stuck isn't bad enough,  the constant nagging inner voice becomes increasingly critical, judgmental, negative and loud.  Just when you need help and support to make clear choices, your inner world becomes a highly stressed noisy environment where corrosive words eat away at your confidence and undermine your ability to move forward.  Without awareness of what is going on, you can be stuck in this pattern for years.

When my daughter would get stuck in her Italian lessons her teacher would say, in a gentle Italian accent,  'Don't worry, it's not Rock Science'.  It always made my daughter smile and the immediate change of mood helped her to see things more clearly.

Even though it can seem a little slow at times, Nature is always busy making plans for the next season, regardless.  Like Nature, we need to understand that there is always a next phase, and feeling stuck in your life or relationship is a sign that you're fighting the process of change.  We just need to learn how to recognize when we need to change and to not be afraid of it - and make sure we've got the resources to handle it.

It's a valuable life skill to understand the process of change and be able to read the signs and signals in both our inner and outer worlds; we become more resilient and emotionally centred and are able to make wiser, more considered choices.

It's not Rock Science: you are both the problem and the solution!

4 steps to a change of mind.
Create a morning practice.  Whether it is a walk in nature, writing a journal, meditation or gentle breathing exercises, check in with yourself and set your intention for the day. You need a quiet space within to hear the wisdom of your inner voice.

Identify what you need to learn.  What skill do you feel is missing, what do you think you need?  Perhaps you want to communicate better, to learn to forgive or to assert yourself.  Maybe there's a skill you want to learn or a course you need to take - get clear about what it is you really need to help you move forward.

Take Action.   Make it easy, take baby steps, but do it.  Develop your skill and work on it.  Daily.

Commit to growth and transformation.  You are going to change anyway, why not engage in the process actively and with enthusiasm! You'll be amazed what you'll discover when you include yourself in the dance of life!

Try these four steps to develop the skills for being the leader of your life, rather than have life lead you.

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