Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to avoid going Christmas Crackers - Daily tips for staying sane in the run up to Christmas.

Tip No. 7
Create a calm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere at home with this festive room spray.  Fill a plant spray bottle with 300mls of water and add essential oils:  
2 drops Mandarinevokes good memories, stimulates the digestive system and conveys joy and positivity 
1 drop Cinnamonwarming, inviting and stirs the appetite
4 drops Pine good for fatigue,  opens up the respiratory system and helps reawaken our instinctive connection to life.

Spritz the rooms regularly and breathe in the therapeutic effects of the oils.  

If you want something to help you stay relaxed and to calm feelings of anxiety, put a couple of drops of geranium oil on a tissue and inhale whenever you feel the stress levels rising.  

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