Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beating the post-Olympic Blues

Prior to the Olympics British cynicism was at its most corrosive: nothing will work, transport will be a nightmare, security ineffective etc. etc. acid thoughts eating away at our finer qualities of hope, commitment, industriousness, courage and sheer creative genius that went into the preparations for the staging of and participation in the event.

However, once the games began the fear subsided and something magical happened; our hearts opened and there was such an outpouring of goodwill, joy, love, pride, celebration and sheer awe it seeped into the nation's psyche and flooded our minds with another view of the world.

Everyone is talking about how to build on what we've got and maintain the goodwill, love and connectedness we feel. The secret to keeping these wonderful feelings running is not to hold on to them and get caught in nostalgia of the games, but knowing how to put them to good use.  Just like the athletes of Team GB, we need to use the energy and pour it into training and stretching ourselves for the next challenge.

Here are some easy training methods to put those great post-Olympics feelings to good use:

1.  Pay it forward.
Research has shown that random acts of kindness with no desire for acknowledgement or thanks increases happiness in the giver as much as the recipient.  http://www.pifexperience.org/

2.  Gratitude and Appreciation.
Take a moment everyday - or every hour if you really want to bask in the love - and give thanks for all you have.  Expressing your appreciation for the people in your life is like throwing a boomerang of love - it comes right back at you!

3.  Forgiveness.
Simply put - give before rather than after.  'Fore-give.  Ill feeling, resentment and old hurt damages your reserves of happiness.  By forgiving you free yourself from the past, which allows you to get on with the valuable work of expanding your sense of well-being.

4. Identify your Vision
When we have no vision our life becomes humdrum and routine. Those athletes each had a vision, they all thought about the end goal and strove toward it.  You heard Mo - 120 miles a week!  But look at the rewards!  Use this amazing time and the high vibration of emotion that is still buzzing around and channel it into building a golden future.

Remember, we are all members of #ourgreatestteam and every effort counts.

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