Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting Married? Remember to pack the map!

Take a loving path for the journey of a lifetime.

So much planning and attention goes in to organising a wedding that sometimes preparing for the marriage can be overlooked.  It’s easy to assume that your love for each other will take care of the relationship and for a while that’s true, but a relationship is a journey and the more prepared you are, the better you’ll cope if something goes wrong.

The Foothills
The early stage of the relationship is a taste of how good it can be. Working on your communication skills, understanding how relationships work and deciding how you want your relationship to grow, will strengthen, sustain and support you throughout the journey.  This is a really good time to share your dreams, your hopes, your goals.

The Incline
If the going gets tough, remember the great work you did at the start!  Always be willing to re-evaluate and discuss the values, pace and direction of the relationship.  Remember, to reach your destination you need to work together.

The Turning Point
There comes a point when a misunderstanding can decide the outcome of the journey. A healthy relationship needs at least one person willing to communicate about a problem.  It’s vital to istrengthen positive feelings by expressing them and address negative feelings so they can be healed. 

Carry On Regardless
If good communication skills are lacking, the journey becomes hard work and the loss of connection causes unnecessary suffering.

The Higher Path
A loving commitment to mutual success and wellbeing burns through any clouds that threaten to block your view and your original vision of the relationship.

Happy travels!

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