Thursday, May 10, 2012

No more peppermint cordial.

I had a matron at school who gave you peppermint cordial when you went to her complaining of stomach pains.  There I was hoping for a lie down, a hot water bottle and an escape from double maths, avoiding the wrath of the Gorgon teacher for not handing in my homework, when all I got was a luke-warm, sickly concoction and short shrift.

I used to think of the school matron as my worst enemy, but now I realise that she acted as a good friend.   Matron believed in me - she just didn't buy my version of the story. 

Native American Indians believe that life is a spiral.  You start in the centre and continue outwards then at some point you turn around and begin to retrace your path back to your centre - picking up the lost pieces of yourself along the way.

When we feel guilt and shame it eats away at our self-worth, generating a fear of exposure which drives us further from our centre.  Our fears grow and our thinking becomes critical, re-inforcing a loss of confidence and preventing us from doing anything other than withdrawing further.  We lose sight of who we are, investing in our feelings of failure and guilt. We lose the thing that is most important - a sense of connection - and wander through life feeling lost and alone.

Like matron, I don't believe the version of the story that keeps people stuck.  Just like matron, who knew that the best thing for me was to go back to class and re-engage in learning,  my work is to help people overcome their fears. However, unlike matron, I use innovative emotional technology - along with visualisations, intuitive exercises and new communication and listening skills - to help them rediscover their hidden resources and strengths and unleash their potential - there's absolutely no peppermint cordial, I promise.

Don't let fear, shame or guilt hold you back any longer,  join the class. We're all in it together and it's fun.


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