Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Art of Forgiveness

If you want to upgrade your relationship, forgiveness is the must-have 'app'.  Once you become familiar with the emotional technology it offers, life will never be the same again!

Forgiveness is like WD40 for relationships; it releases jammed feelings, improves the overall flow and creates a sense of ease and well-being.   It is a vital, multi-purpose item to have in your relationship tool-kit.

Why forgiveness? Because every time we feel bad we feel guilty and forgiveness is the only antidote. Guilt is the glue that keeps life stuck and forgiveness is the thing that frees it. 

Guilt shows up in many different guises.  For some it manifests as depression and feelings of failure.  Guilt generates aggression and judgment as a way of dumping bad feelings on someone else.  Guilt drives addictions and also extreme self-denial. Guilt blocks access to the good things in life - like love, intimacy, creativity and success.

Forgiveness is an art – it takes skill, understanding, sensitivity, awareness and practice. It is not something that many of us have been taught to do consciously, but it is easy to learn and is a powerful antidote to bad feelings.

Forgiveness is a creative process, with several layers to it.  When we look at guilt and forgiveness from a fresh perspective the disagreements, bad feelings and unresolved issues become easier to address and life and relationships start flowing again..

Want to move past guilt and get back into a creative flow?  Relationship Training offers coaching in innovative forgiveness techniques.  Contact or 07789 408378


emmasouthlondon said...

Wise words, Kim -
thank you for reminding us!

Kim Millar said...

Thanks for your comment, Emma. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's all keep working on our talent for forgiveness! Kim