Friday, February 1, 2013

New Direction

Ok, January's over and if you've already forgotten the intentions you set, don't worry, they were obviously not the ones you meant to set!   

Because if they were, you would be still sticking to them.  

So instead of falling back into your old routine and beating yourself up, pour yourself a cuppa, get a pen and paper and give yourself a few minutes of quiet reflection to ask yourself a couple of searching questions:

"What is the one thing I am NOT doing now - that if I did do, would greatly improve my life 6 months from now?"


"What is the one thing I AM doing NOW - that if I continue with, will have a negative influence on my life 6 months from now?"

We all have inner wisdom, we have the answers and solutions to any problems, if we just ask ourselves the right questions. 

Learning to listen and then take action will move your life forward.

Listen carefully!

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