Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Lines #8: love is the answer, whatever the question.

Spread the Love
So far we have focussed on strengthening your relationship to your Self (still time to catch up - read the blogs below).  Because you are the common denominator in your life, as you learn to love yourself you bring a better quality of love to all your relationships.   And now that you are building a healthy relationship to yourself, it is time to spread the love outwards.  

Day 8:
Focus your attention on a positive memory, perhaps a happy time when you felt calm, centred, loving.  Exaggerate these feelings and get familiar with the physical and emotional experience of them.  Feel how your heart warms and expands, how your breathing changes, perhaps you find yourself smiling?

Once you are totally immersed in the positive feelings, imagine yourself bringing them to an area of your life where you are struggling.   See yourself feeling supported, centred, loving, strengthened by the positive feelings that exist in you and drawing on them to change areas of your life where you feel more vulnerable.  Whatever we pay attention to grows stronger.   Spread the love, heal the fear.

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