Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Lines #12: love is the answer, whatever the question.

Embracing the Feminine  
Feminine energy is the quality that allows relationships to flourish.  It is creative, receptive, loving, patient, understanding, intuitive and forgiving.  Both men and women need a balance of feminine and masculine energies to reach their highest potential.  Cynicism, judgment and fear of emotions destroy our connection to feminine energy and keep us from connecting to others.

Day 12:
2 days to go until Valentine's Day - still time to work on your relationship with yourself!  Our creative, feminine energy can only be accessed with courage and kindness.   Our feminine energy is vulnerable, full of feeling and has great intelligence, and yet it is not something that has traditionally been valued in daily life.  Use today to research and embrace your feminine side.  You may be delighted with the results!

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