Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Lines #11: love is the answer, whatever the question.

What holds you back?
That's the title of this month's Workshop for Life and one of the things we will be looking at is self-doubt. We will explore the thoughts and beliefs hidden underneath doubt and learn how to reframe the original experiences that set them in motion.

Whether you have someone to share Valentine's Day with or not, loving yourself and living wholeheartedly automatically improves your relationship to life.    What holds you back?

Day 11:
It can much easier to see other people's patterns and behaviour than our own.  Why not ask a few people what they see as the thing that holds you back?  Even if the feedback is difficult to take, look on it as a key to freedom, thank them and be willing to see yourself through their eyes.  If you ask a few people and get different answers each time, great - at least you'll know how you come across, and will have plenty to work on!  When you address your hidden doubts face on, they lose their power over you.

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