Friday, October 7, 2011

Something for the weekend

I have been thinking all week about what a wonderful life means for me. I used to think it meant no problems, no upsets, a life free of conflict.  Now I realise that  is not the truth about life at all.  

A wonderful life is a life full of wonder.  "I wonder what I can learn from this?"  "I wonder how I can work through this for a better outcome?"

Life will always throw up challenges.  But what makes life wonderful is feeling connected.  

Having the right attitude when things change.

Knowing how to respond rather than react.

Recognizing when you've disengaged and withdrawn.

Understanding how you feel and being able to communicate about it.

All of these increase your ability to connect with another.  Having the tools to help you respond to challenges and meet them with commitment and confidence enable you to build connection.  

Those same tools will your deepen your appreciation, enjoyment and gratitude when things are great, too, thus sustaining your wonderful life.

Here's to a great, no, WONDERFUL weekend.

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