Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Who owns the voices in your head?

We think our behaviour is normal because a voice in our head tells us so. There is also a voice in our head that tells us we are useless. That is 'normal' also. But where do these voices come from, to whom do they belong and why are they there? Do they even talk to one another?

It can feel like a two-headed monster resides in your head, wreaking havoc with your peace of mind as you swing between extremes of thoughts and emotions.. 

Often these voices get louder the closer we are to making a decision like taking a step in a new direction or breaking out of an old pattern. Its as though there is a kind of trap or dilemma set up in our mind preventing us from making a change - because the idea of change triggers old vulnerable feelings within us. 

What opposite voices create torment or conflict within you? 

These voices often belong to very young parts of us who, after years of being ignored, are trying to get our attention.   If you met a child in the street with these feelings, how would you respond, what would you do? 

Learning to relate to your inner voices by identifying with them differently helps you become more emotionally resilient when facing vulnerability.  Learning to dialogue differently with these parts of us, discovering how old they are, what are they afraid of and what they would like to have happen helps us to gain greater awareness.  We learn to trust our intuition more, to feel more confident, able to handle change and stress with greater ease. 

Changing how you relate to your inner world helps you develop greater self-knowledge. Becoming more self-aware helps you become calmer and more self-assured, which allows you to communicate better with loved ones, make decisions more easily and address challenges with more self-confidence.

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