Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeking Relative Ease?

The 2nd Saturday of each month we run our Workshops for Life on relationship & communication skills. Come and join us and discover a whole new way to relate to life.

Loving Families: how to create Relative Ease.
Saturday 9th April, 10am – 4.30pm

Whether you feel your family is more like the Addams Family than the Waltons, belonging to a loving and supportive family is the best feeling in the world. A loving family gives us a strong platform from which to succeed in life. Misunderstandings within it, however, can cause the deepest pain and affect the whole family. Come and learn effective new ways to communicate and resolve misunderstandings. Discover how to resolve conflict,
increase feelings of love and acceptance and learn ways to get along with everyone.

£30 or £45 for 2
Limited spaces available

Happiness is having a loving, caring, close-knit family - in another city" George Burns.

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