Monday, June 2, 2014

Granny Calling

There were women who were already grandmothers, some about to be first-time grannies and some younger women still busy with their own children - all of us gathered to learn Pregnancy Massage.

Us first-timers were sharing our excitment about the forthcoming grandchild and the more experienced grannies were singing the joys of being a grandparent - and we all empathised and encouraged the mothers still bringing up their children.

As we chatted  it reminded me of the traditions I'd read about of an ancient tribe where, when a pregnant woman in the community was getting close to her time, the female elders would gather and make preparations for the forthcoming baby.

Together the women would weave a basket for offerings to be placed once the baby arrived, they would prepare the space where the birth would take place and as they went about their sacred tasks they would sing,  all the time calling out to the baby to let it know they were thinking about it, that the whole community was getting ready.

They'd sing to the baby expressing their excitement about its imminent arrival, telling it not to be afraid and that they would be there to greet it.  They'd sing of the things they were doing to prepare for it's arrival - getting everything ready, making sure the mother had all she needed for the birth.  Filled with love and wisdom they would reassure the baby that they would keep singing until it arrived safely, asking it to take care on the journey.

Whether its with massage, personal coaching or training I like to feel that  my work allows me to be part of that ancient tradition.  And I also feel it is also something we can do for ourselves.

Acknowledging your vulnerability and creating a loving, supportive environment around it can make all the difference.  Imagine if you lovingly 'sang' to a vulnerable part of yourself, reassuring it that you were going to do everything you could to make sure it felt safe enough to take part in your life?

What would happen if you acknowledged the tender part of you that has yet to arrive?  And what would change if you let the older, wiser, more tolerant part of yourself prepare the ground for a vulnerable, wondrous new part of you to show up?

If you want to be ready for a new phase of life, the next Family@Heart course starts 4th June or call me on 07789 408378  - come and join the community!

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