Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mixed messages

Mother's can drive you mad can't they?  Mine spent most of my formative years (it seemed to me) being obsessed with having a clean and tidy house, then this year for Christmas she gives me a plaque for my kitchen saying "A tidy kitchen is a sign of a wasted life".  Talk about mixed messages, I've spent years trying to match her level of cleanliness and order only to discover she's changed her mind!

Then I had a row with my husband the other day about the state of our kitchen (my life is one big relationship training centre!!!)  He's started baking (see previous blog entry) and whilst his bread is AMAZING (make friends with him on facebook) the kitchen is taking a real beating.  When I complained about everything being covered in flour and him not cleaning up properly after baking, he accused me of having unrealistically high standards.  I felt completely misunderstood as he had no idea how far below my mother's exacting standards I felt I had dropped!

Life can be so confusing sometimes.

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