Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Have you found your Inner Stitch?

I hated sewing at school and was always rubbish at it but now I am a complete addict.  I re-learnt last year and haven't stopped since.  This year I have already made 3 quilts, I've got 3 more in production and getting ready for my next technical challenge...pyjamas!

I definitely don't have the skills (yet) to audition for the Great British Sewing Bee but hearing the back stories of this seasons' participants I recognise fellow addicts. Something amazing happens when I sew - a meditative space opens up and I find it soothing, calming and relaxing - even when I have to unpick something several times.

Penny Leonard, founder of the wonderful, beautiful, inspirational  Selvedge Magazine recently quoted a study by New York psychologist, Robert. H Reiner Ph.D whose research has shown that "being engaged in textile related activities creates a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration rate - three key factors in the measure of of stress.  'The imporance of a hobby or creative pursuit cannot be over emphasised' says Dr Riener."

Having done my own personal research over the last year I know first hand how immersing myself in the creative sewing process helps me de-stress.  As I reconnect with my Inner Stitch I feel inspired and relaxed at the same time.

I also find something strangely but deeply moving about the challenge of a new project.  Author and researcher, Dr Brene Brown says that the times when you feel both brave and afraid at the same time is when you're most alive.  Strange as it may seem, that is exactly how I feel when I start a new sewing project - its a place where my vulnerability around my skills and my courage to try something new come together.  I sit in those feelings for a moment and then jump in!

Plus there's another added perk to all of this - haberdashery!

All you Inner Stitchers - you know what I'm talking about!

If you need  to refresh your sewing skills there are many wonderful courses available, enquire at your local haberdashery or look online.  If you'd like help building the confidence and courage to start - contact me and we'll find your Inner Stitch together!

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