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         Could this be you?

The skills you develop on this course will not only improve the quality of your relationships and increase your experience of love and self-acceptance, this course could change your life!  Read what others have said about it.

Whether it’s your love-life, friendships, family or work, the person who has the biggest influence on your relationships is you.  The greater your levels of emotional intelligence, the more you understand your own strengths and vulnerabilities; the more resources of empathy, understanding and compassion you can access, the more successful all of your relationships will be.

Course Outline:
Module 1:  How do you feel?
Discover the power of the mind and what is really driving bad behaviour. Understand the nature of emotion and how to help others without losing yourself in the process.
Module 2:  It only hurts when I stop.
Learn the real reason for loss of connection in relationships and the belief systems that keep  you stuck. Discover the gift of vulnerability beneath the mask.
Module 3: I’m all ears!
Learning the Art of Communication: simple techniques that could make all the difference.
Module 4: Can we talk?
10 principles of Transformational Communication: the secret to creating resolution rather than compromise.
Module 5: Here we go again…
The Stages of Relationship: what goes wrong and why.  Revealing the secret language spoken in all relationships.
Module 6: Pardon Me!
The Art of Forgiveness: discover powerful problem-solving tools for increasing love and happiness. 

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Next  courses starting September: mornings Tuesdays 9.30-12.30 
                                                          or evenings Wednesdays 6.30 - 9.30

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