Monday, December 31, 2012

Women of a Certain Age

Last year I started an ancient tradition.  At the end of Christmas in Ireland there is a day called Nollig Na Mna - or Women's Christmas.  Its the day when the women down tools and leave the responsibilities to the men whilst they gather together to do what women do so brilliantly; talk, laugh, cry, support and celebrate.

In honour of my Irish ancestors I got out the Irish whiskey, called some friends and we gathered in front of the fire to talk over bad times and good of the year gone.  We let go of the old and welcomed in the new, the fire burned, the candles glowed and the women shone.

This year I am doing it again and have sent the call out.  I was a little shy about doing it, thinking that no-one would be interested but the response has been great.  In fact the response has been inspiring!

I have to thank my lovely husband who, when I shied at sending out the invitations, was supportive and encouraging and offered his services as butler.  It feels a little magical.  A candle-lit evening when, in a hidden house in the woods, powerful women gather to cast out the negative and welcome in the light of a new year, where the ancient energy convenes and the essences of wisdom, humour, love and compassion are distilled and drunk.

Its not the whiskey speaking, honest, it is my grateful heart.

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