Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Love Yourself First - 7 easy ways

Be Kind Be Alkaline
Research has shown that disease and inflammation grow in an acidic environment; the skin products we use, the food we eat, our emotions, thoughts, habits and relationships all directly effect our body-chemistry. Think how corrosive criticism is to self-worth and confidence, how bitterness and ill-feeling can sour a relationship.

Stress is acid forming, therefore the more we work on maintaining an alkaline state (by working on our ourselves and our relationships, taking exercise, eating a more plant-based diet - you know the mantra), the more resilient we become, able to maintain a healthy state of mind and well-being and to cope better when challenges show up.

Oh, and love and relationships thrive in alkaline conditions; thoughts become clearer, your emotions move through you with less resistance and with that your ability to communicate and relate becomes more effective.  It is a wonderful cycle of creativity and regeneration; the better you feel physically, the better you feel about yourself emotionally and vice versa.  As you grow in confidence you communicate more openly.  This makes relationships more heartfelt, increasing the feelings of connection - which makes us all feel better about ourselves.

Trying to change everything all at once often adds more stress. Try to add or change one thing, it can make a big difference.  So here are some easy suggestions to help you on your path to a healthy, nurturing self-care programme.

1. Chocolate Meditation
Sometimes just thinking about meditation can create stress, not to mention the idea of giving up chocolate!  This meditation provides a delicious distraction and focuses the mind beautifully and, to make it the best quality chocolate you can, read about the perfect solution: raw chocolate on an earlier blog.
Brilliant free chocolate meditation from Dr Danny Penman.

2.  Keep a Journal
It doesn't matter what you write, what matters is that you get it out and on paper.  Give yourself 20 minutes each day, put on some relaxing music and allow yourself to write about how you are feeling, what you're noticing about yourself, your hopes, dreams, heartaches.  Writing has a powerful effect on the mind, gently allowing deep levels of thoughts and emotions to find an outlet.

3.  Drink a Green Smoothie
In a blender add 2 handfuls of spinach, a pear, 2 sticks of celery, a glass of apple juice and 2 glasses of water.  Whizz it up until everything is blended, don't worry if there are a few lumps. This is an powerful, delicious alkaline booster.  Drink a glass straight away and keep the extra in the fridge (I use clean, empty jam jars) so there's something quick, nutritious and thirst quenching to drink when time is short and energy levels are low.

4. Walk in Nature.
You know it makes sense!  Walking is like a meditation and helps to settle the mind, if you can be in nature, even better, as the sights and sounds soothe and comfort an agitated mind.

5. Light a Beeswax Candle.
Beeswax candles create negative ions that remove dust, dirt, odour and other pollutants from the air we breath.  They create a warm glow, give off a gentle honeyed aroma as well as doing that little bit of housework!

6Take a 10 minute Soak
Take as long as you like, whatever feels good. Try adding a couple of handfuls of Epsom Salts (from chemists and healthfood shops).  The salts draw tension from the body, helping you relax, slow down and sleep better.  It doesn't have to be a bath, even soaking your feel in a bowl of warm water is very relaxing.  If no Epsom salts, sea salt will do. Wrap up warm after.

7. Pay it Forward
Sometimes, when you feel really low about yourself, helping others provides a powerful antidote to self-attack. Paying forward basicially means doing random acts of kindness for no other reason than because you can.   Research has found that doing something for others releases as much feel-good chemical in the giver as the receiver.

Any of these will help you reduce stress, increase well-being and change how you relate to yourself and your world.  Just imagine how you'd feel doing all 7 on a daily basis!

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