Saturday, August 4, 2012

TeamGB: you had me at 'on your mark'

I'm exhausted.  

I've rowed, run, biked, swum and wept.  With pride, with joy, with heartbreak.  All from the comfort of my sofa.  And it's only the first week of the Olympics.

Watching the Olympics is a rollercoaster of emotions.  These amazing athletes give their all and their best.  All week I have been celebrating and commiserating, feeling so so proud of TeamGB for their talent, their dedication and their heart.

Whilst the rapidly growing tally of medals is filling us all with pride, the real talent I have witnessed is the team's sheer class.  Each athlete interviewed has shown such gratitude, humility, integrity, respect and love not just for their sport but for the support they have received, for the encouraging cheers of the home-crowd and for their fellow competitors.  

They have communicated what it takes to be an Olympian; not just years of dedication, focus and skill but also love and appreciation for your fellow man.  

We may think we're just cheering our country on to win, but as we join in the collective cheer we are all being trained in the most noble skill of all - human empathy. 

It feels great to be part of something much bigger than just one person, to be joining a collective ocean of good will. 

Let's all go for the real gold.  Community.

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