Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What is love?

I have been moved by two videos on YouTube recently.  The first is the film of Philip Gould 'Lessons from the Death Zone', talking about his death and how the acceptance of his final weeks helped him see life and it's purpose more clearly.  He recognised that the most important thing was love and he wanted to leave his life knowing that his family understood how much he loved them.

Which leads me on to the second video - get your tissues ready!  Yes, its trying to sell us something, but the P&G Olympic sponsorship advert communicates an important message: what a powerful force our mother is in our lives.

Both of these films convey a message from the heart. Gould's film has more masculine approach - words and intellect bringing deep and heartfelt emotions into consciousness.  The P&G video has a more feminine approach - few words, strong images and powerful emotions.  

Both of them communicate the ultimate truth:  Love is focused attention.

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