Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What language does your heart speak?

Do you have a favourite childhood story?  What is your favourite film? Is there a poem, a song or a piece of music that touches you every time?   

I love films, they can help express matters of the heart.  We sometimes struggle to express our feelings because there is a point in our emotions when words become inadequate and we arrive at 'the inarticulate speech of the heart' - as Van Morrison so poetically named it.  Often when clients are struggling to express how they feel they will refer to a scene in a film, or a story or the lines in a song to help them pinpoint the emotion.

Film, music, art, literature - all help us to connect with our deeper self.  When my son was about 7 he told me  'music tells me secrets'.  At that tender age he intuitively understood the creative language of the soul.  We all know this place within us, but many of us have shut ourselves down and cut ourselves off from our greatest resource: emotion.  

Our ability to access our feelings and be comfortable with what we find there - both good feelings and difficult ones - contributes hugely to the quality of our relationships.

Learning how to articulate our deeper, tender feelings without feeling foolish and withdrawing, blaming or shutting down when vulnerability is triggered is a life-long practice. The more emotionally resilient we become, the more we are able to experience all feelings - good and bad, the better we're able to connect with others.

What is your favourite film?  Do you have a favourite childhood story?  Is there a poem, a song or a piece of music that touches you every time?  What subtle emotions and messages is your hidden Self trying to communicate to you through them?  What lost part of you is speaking? What secrets of the soul are waiting to be discovered?

Relationship Training can help you understand what prevents you from connecting in your relationship.  We create a safe environment to talk about misunderstandings and help you develop tools and skills to build bridges, regain intimacy, love and friendship.

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