Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love Lines #2: love is the answer, whatever the question.

Love as Focussed Attention.  
The quality of attention we bring to ourselves and others will determine the quality of love in our life and relationships.  

Day 2:  If you are struggling with an issue and feeling overwhelmed, it is important to have compassion for yourself.   Often we will do anything for friends and family in trouble, but we have no idea how to bring gentle and focussed attention to the parts of ourselves who feel traumatised, hurt, upset or stressed. Our vulnerability comes from a much younger state of mind and needs the kindness, love, support and respect that we would give any child in pain.    Focussing loving kindness on ourselves in this way reduces anxiety and stress and helps us to process emotions more effectively.  We become stronger, more resilient and more emotionally robust.  

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