Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slebs and Mortals

I was recently asked by the Huffington Post to comment on celebrity relationships and share my insights on Jennifer Anniston, Justin Bieber and Kate and William.  

It was fun, but what struck me most was that there is no real difference between celebrity patterns of relationship and those of us mere mortals.  I mean, we're all human and we all have needs and vulnerabilites.  Being a celebrity does not equip you with any greater tools for successful relationships, in fact being in the spotlight can add huge pressure unless you are very grounded and have great emotional intelligence.

For any relationship there are several things that are vital for success:

1.  Self-awareness & Emotional Intelligence - being able to identify and express your emotions skillfully and relate to those of your partner.

2.  The Stages of Relationship: Honeymoon, Power Struggle, Dead Zone, Partnership  Understanding that all relationships go through an evolution and some of the stages will be challenging - getting past the Dead Zone to partnership requires real commitment.  Wanting to always be in a Honeymoon phase limits the growth.

3.  The Purpose of Relationship.  'People come in to our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime', and each person has come to teach us something.  Learning the purpose of every relationship will take you on an amazing journey.

Relationships are serious business, and relationship health is as important to well-being as physical health - once you understand that there's great fun to be had!  Fighting it will make you miserable.

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