Friday, October 28, 2011

Something for the weekend.

How to beat the winter blues.

The clocks go back this weekend – an event that coincides with my birthday and, this year, a planting spree in our garden.  I love the idea that the birthday present I am giving myself this year is a glorious spring and summer next year and happy times for the bees.  Daffodils, bluebells and snowdrops bulbs will be buried in the soil along with beautiful young plants around our newly dug pond and cleared flowerbeds.

This pattern of winter and summer, dark and light is an ancient – and important - part of our psyche.  In Greek mythology Demeter the goddess of earth, agriculture and fertility is associated with the seasons. Her daughter Persephone was abducted by Hades to be his wife in the underworld. In her anger at the loss of her daughter, Demeter laid a curse on the world that caused plants to wither and die. The land became desolate.  Zeus became alarmed and sought Persephone's return. However, because she had eaten while in the underworld Hades had a claim on her. Therefore, it was decreed that Persephone would spend four months each year in the underworld. During these months Demeter grieves her daughter’s absence and withdraws her gifts from the world, creating winter.  Demeter's delight in Persephone's return brings the Spring and an abundance of growth, celebration and – ultimately - harvest.

Planting new ideas for relationships. 
The same pattern occurs in relationships, we have those glorious Springs and the enjoyment of Summer – then something happens to create a distance and we slide into a cooler Autumn and can find ourselves stuck in never-ending Winter.  However if, when we notice the ‘cooling off’, we take a new approach and change our attitude,  plant new ideas, set new intentions, as we work through the darker phases of our relationships we can bring  a new lease of life to them.

If the thought of the long winter months ahead fill you with dread – plan for the spring.  Relationship Training will enable you to set yourself goals this winter that will change the way you view your world.

Happy Planting!

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