Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stop Look Listen – 3 simple tips for relationship.

Don’t stumble blindly through your relationships. These simple tools will reap amazing benefits both to you and those you love.

I remember when STOP LOOK LISTEN became part of a road safety campaign (yes, that shows my age!). Those three words are still great instructions for crossing the road safely; they are also powerful principles to apply to relationships. When stress levels are high remembering to STOP LOOK LISTEN might save a life!

STOP: Stressful situations can be diffused and wonderful moments can be cherished by learning to stop and name the situation you are having. Identifying whether you are having a ‘pleasant’ or ‘unpleasant’ experience – rather than categorizing it as good or bad – is like pressing a pause button, it gives you a moment to gather your thoughts, to reflect and choose an appropriate plan of action.

LOOK: The spoken word makes up just 7% of communication and behaviour communicates many of our hidden thoughts and feelings. Learning to be observant of both your outer and inner circumstances – how you are feeling and behaving as well as how those around you are acting, will make your choices about what to do and say more effective.

LISTEN: Effective listening is a powerful skill in relationship. Listening within, to the voice of intuition as well as the voice of fear, and also learning to listen deeply to those around you, allows you to resolve conflicts and heal misunderstandings more easily and to move into a deeper level of relationship and connection.

Don't keep running blindly across your life - slowing down and paying attention will help you handle things better when it's tricky and, when you're in the flow,  enjoy life even more.  

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