Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happiness & Success : Goals for Life

Want to know how to achieve happiness and success? Learn to communicate. It is that simple – but putting it into practise is hard. Communication isn’t just talking; studies have shown that the spoken word makes up just 7% of our communication. Learning to listen, connect with others and understand our feelings and behaviour all contribute to more authentic and effective communication. These skills improve our relationships, build our self-worth and open us up to being in the flow. Without that flow we struggle to feel happy and successful.

Make 2011 your Best Year Ever. Begin by learning to remove the blocks that keep you from achieving success and happiness. If you want to feel more ease, a greater sense of well-being and want to allow a whole new level of success to enter your life, this one day workshop will introduce you to some simple techniques and tools that will kick-start a whole new way of communicating.

Saturday 8th January, 10 - 4.30
£30 per person £45 for 2 booking together
at the Relationship Training Centre,
Petersfield GU32 1AG

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